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ImProveIt™ Project Evaluation Database

Project decision-making framework for leadership and management teams.

Too many projects? Competing for limited resources? Which ones should be continued, and which ones shelved?
Compare all projects -- new and potential ones, as well as those already underway.
A power tool for internal champions or third-party professional service providers.
(Personal Edition is for lighter use.)

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Business GAGE

Business GAGE™ ~
Gap Assessment for the Growing Enterprise
Find out how your business operation compares to Lean Six Sigma Best Practices.
Link your top performance to your priorities.

(Web-based. Data connection required.)


FREE VSM Value Stream Mapping symbols and template
  • full set of symbols with drop shadows
  • full set of symbols without drop shadows
  • starter template for Current State

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) symbols, not bitmaps. Can be resized without loss of resolution.
Fully editable with any SVG-compatible drawing program; e.g., CorelDraw, Visio, Adobe Illustrator.

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Standard Work
Standardized Work: Pursuit of Perfection
Featured module of"Lean in 60 Minutes" mini-course series

Covers major aspects of Standardized Work and Mistake-Proofing, critical to any Lean improvement initiative. Includes an original exercise to reinforce presentation points. Ideal for third-party facilitators delivering training; in-house champions wanting to spread awareness and appreciation of the discipline; self-study.
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(ZIP archive; file requires MS PPT 2003 or better.)

Audrey Order
The Adventures of Audrey Order
Her Journey Through a Not-So-Lean Office

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Deployment Aids

ASE Instructor Edition ĀSE™ Instructor Edition
A primary PDF file with an embedded PPT slideshow. The Application Guide is tightly integrated with the presentation slides. Many slides include references to specific pages in the Application Guide where the topic of interest is discussed in more detail.
Users can add/modify/delete slides and add speaker notes as desired. Content is identical to that in the Self-Study Edition.
(Requires Adobe Reader with Javascript enabled
+ MS PowerPoint 2003 or better)

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ASE Self-Study Edition ĀSE™ Self-Study Edition
Put your strategy to work with this PDF Edition of the Applied Strategy Execution program. It is a structured framework for clearly stating an organization's strategic goals and objectives, and translating them throughout the organization. By defining and clarifying the relationships between objectives and the specific work processes of business operations, you will establish linkages to ensure alignment and optimize resources.
(Requires Adobe Reader with JavaScript enabled)

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Strategy Deployment templates Strategy Deployment Templates
Conduct your strategy deployment and execution more effectively.

Developed as a companion product to our unique Applied Strategy Execution™ Application Guide + Slides. To maximize the benefits of the templates, we recommend using these two innovative resources together. But even as a stand-alone tool, the templates are highly effective.
(Requires MS Excel 2003 + Adobe Reader)

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